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Lawn mowing or lawn maintenance is one of the most important and most common services we offer here at Wicked Nice Lawn. Lawn maintenance is an exceptionally important part of homeownership. There are many benefits that mowing grass can bring to a property. The obvious, immediate benefit is an aesthetic one. Well-manicured lawns simply look nicer! Many customers find that a well taken care of lawn is a huge point of pride, as it can instantly transform the property and make it look new again. Not everyone has the same expectations when it comes to their lawn, but Wicked Nice Lawn does! 

There are also less obvious benefits to proper lawn maintenance, here are just a few:

Consistency: Each blade of grass that makes up a lawn, grows by absorbing necessary nutrients from the soil. When a lawn is mowed on a consistent basis, it ensures that each blade of grass is the same height, which allows for an equal distribution of resources. This helps keep each blade of grass more consistent in color, height and health; making for a smoother, more uniform appearance.

Lawn Density: Mowing grass on a regular basis will ensure that the blades are denser, and subsequently more visible. It also helps for a redistribution of grass seeds, which in turn will give the lawn more grass.

Lawn Height: Grass length is very important to the overall health of a lawn. Longer blades will maintain better color, nutrient consumption, and appearance. Shorter blades will weaken the grass’ roots, making it harder for the grass to produce more plants, and harder for the blade to absorb the nutrients it needs to grow tall.

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